About Varsha Technologies


* Varsha Technologies will provide highest quality forged and machined products to our customers.
* Varsha Technologies will strive to become a leader in our industry segments through combined and individual dedication.


* Make Varsha Technologies as one stop manufacturing industry by covering various stages as forging, machining, heat treatment and coating and providing the customer with fully finished products.
* To emerge from the position of domestic manufacturer to high quality global manufacturer in forging, machining, heat treatment and coating segments.

Quality Policy:

“VARSHA TECHNOLOGIES is committed to manufacture Forged and Machined metal Products meeting customer Specifications, maintain on time delivery and competitive price with an emphasis to derive customer delight.
The fundamentals for achieving our commitment to total customer satisfaction are:
* To provide quality products by "Doing Right first time, every time”.
* To continually improve our area of operations to maximize efficiency.
* Consistently meet our customer’s expectations on our product quality and performance.
* To build a dedicated, trained and motivated team of personnel’s to ensure the effectiveness. * Committed on time delivery to customer
* We shall ensure the effective communication to all relevant interested parties.”